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Is Your Tuckahoe Rental Getting Applications? Why Your Property Listing Matters

When crafting a property listing—whether in Tuckahoe, Montrose, or Richmond—many successful landlords think that “less is more.” However, whenever a potential tenant comes across your listing, you have an opportunity to help write the next “plot twist” in their story of finding the right home. 

With an effective property listing, you can “control the story” by guiding potential tenants to see your property as the setting for the next chapter of their lives. Here are some tips for writing a property listing that gets results!

Use story telling to attract renters

1. Be Thorough with Your Description of the Property

A tenant will likely have read about dozens of rental homes in the Richmond area with “2 beds, 1.5 baths, with an open concept.” Unless you include more details, the impact of your Tuckahoe rental property might be lost. You will, of course, want to cover the basics first. After talking about the numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, and nook, go into more detail.

Thorough property description

You never know what might grab a tenant’s imagination and take them one step closer to reaching out for a tour of the home. Don’t be afraid to include even “little” things that may have value for the right tenant. Here are some ideas:

  • The types of seasonal flowers and vegetables in the garden
  • How natural light affects the feel of the inside of the house
  • Interesting architectural details such as finely-crafted molding or a detailed staircase
  • The types of wood used for the kitchen cabinets or the flooring
  • If there are granite countertops, their country of origin
  • Views of nearby landmarks or bodies of water.

The key is to try to make the home as tangible as possible for the reader. When you describe it to the point where the tenant can see themselves in the property, you have nudged them one step closer to making a decision—before even stepping foot in the home.

Home Tour

2. Use Storytelling to Attract Buyers

Whenever someone is shopping—whether it’s for shoes, a new car, or a new home for rent in Tuckahoe—they have a tendency to envision how their lives will be different with whatever they’re viewing. Your job when writing a listing is to guide their imagination to the point where their lives aren’t just different because of your property—but better, more dynamic, vibrant, or easier. To accomplish this, you can make use of storytelling.

There are several types of stories that can be told. Some involve a straightforward narrative or lean towards subtlety. Here are some things you can try:

  • Talk about the history of the home: If it was built during an important historical period, you could highlight events that transpired around that time.
  • Talk about notable people who have lived there: If someone famous or noteworthy from Richmond used to call the property home, this could add to the home’s mystique.
  • Outline scenes of life in the home: Paint a picture. Talk about where to drink tea while catching the morning sun, how the flow of the great room serves to entertain guests or games that could be played in the backyard.
  • Start sentences with verbs: Describe actions the tenant could perform in the home. Verbs like “cook,” “watch,” “wake up,” “plant,” “grow,” and the like can bring the tenant into the life the house offers.
  • Know your audience: Are you targeting a specific age group or generation with your Tuckahoe rental property? Include details in your listing that appeal. Walkability to local cultural hotspots or restaurants can be a perk.

Property Tour

When a renter is checking out your listing, they’re often looking for reasons to fall in love with the place. Good storytelling will help transport them into the home and imagine what life would be like. Therefore, the more vivid the story, the better.

3. Hire a Property Management Company

Crafting a compelling property listing can take a lot of time and energy! If writing isn’t your forte, you may be better off leaving it to an expert property management company that has crafted countless effective listings.

  • Your property management team would tour the property, taking note of elements that would work well in the context of a story.
  • They can also choose the right type of story structure to use.
  • Property managers know how to identify the little details that make the difference between setting up an appointment or simply swiping to the next listing.

As a DIY landlord, it can also be difficult to narrow down which things need the most attention as you prepare a home for listing. Some facets of the property often have more of an impact than others.

To make things easier, we have prepared a free guide on how to make your property ready for the new tenants you’ve found with your polished listing. By properly showcasing the right elements of your home, you lift the mask, control the story, and help your next tenant turn the page. Download your free copy today, and get started on a property deep-dive with our Make-Ready Checklist!



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