Richmond Investors: Your Properties Need Upkeep! Stay on Top of Maintenance

Happy tenants = paying tenants!

  • When your rental properties in Richmond are maintained year-round, your tenants will be satisfied—and it will be far easier to collect the rent.
  • Your repair costs may be substantially lower because you can catch issues that could lead to higher repair bills.
  • Dividing building maintenance tasks by season can help spread out costs and keep things more manageable, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

If you self-manage your Richmond rental properties, you should be prepared to conduct seasonal maintenance. If you rely on a property manager, you should verify that they plan on conducting similarly scheduled maintenance.

Seasonal inspections go hand-in-hand with seasonal maintenance: each season calls for exterior and interior preventative maintenance at each of your Richmond rental properties. Seasonal inspections also allow you to assess the property for any needed repairs and scope out the interior and exterior of the property to ensure tenants are treating it with care.

Spring Maintenance Is in Full Bloom

Spring is a time when things are thawing out from winter in Richmond. As a result, there may be significant shifting and twisting of surfaces we typically think of as solid. These could include any surface that is susceptible to holding moisture. Components adjacent to or dependent on these may suffer damage, such as the glass panes in wooden window frames. 

Furthermore, you may have to deal with some cracking due to the expansion and contraction of your Richmond rental properties. Here’s what to do to ensure you roll into spring with your properties performing their best.

  • During the spring, inspect the roof on your properties after significant storms or hail to check for damage. After winter, checking for damage to your properties can ensure they remain profitable for years to come.
  • Blow out the sprinkler systems and turn on outside water sources when temperatures climb enough to do so.
  • Check all exterior faucets for leaks or damage: catching potential mold sources before warmer temperatures arrive is critical.
  • Have an HVAC professional inspect and maintain your air conditioning system to prep for the Richmond summer heat.
  • Work with tenants to ensure dryer ducts and surrounding spaces are free of lint to prevent fires.
  • Inspect windows and windows frames for breakage and weatherstripping to maximize your HVAC potential.

No Vacation for Summer Maintenance

Summer’s heat brings with it more expansion-related issues. The moisture from humidity can result in permeable surfaces swollen with water. This can affect doors, windows, and the locking mechanisms that hold them in place. Furthermore, the rain of the spring season may have caused some erosion.

  • Inspect wood decks or concrete patios for deterioration, then reseal wood to prevent water damage.
  • Hire an arborist or tree trimmer to remove damaged or dead trees that might fall on or near any of your rentals.
  • Examine exterior siding for chips or damage, and repair as needed to keep your properties pristine.
  • Check window and door locks to ensure they lock properly during expansion.
  • Checking your property diligently for water damage during this time protects you and your tenants.

    Leaves in rain gutter

Fall Into Your Maintenance Schedule

Fall brings one of the most crucial seasonal checklists for Richmond rental properties because it is on the threshold of winter; preparation is key.

To ensure your properties are ready for frigid winters in Richmond, be sure to eradicate any unnecessary moisture. Doing so will provide more space for any leftover liquid to expand without cracking during a winter freeze. It’s also time to prep your heating system for the challenge of keeping tenants warm through the tough winter months. Work with your tenants too to inform them of what to do during a freeze to protect the plumbing in advance.

  • Drain sprinkler systems and other outdoor water sources and cover outdoor pipes to prevent freezing.
  • Hire a certified chimney sweep to inspect and clean flues and vents.
  • Repair broken or uneven walkways or driveways to prevent trips and falls during the winter freeze.
  • Check weatherstripping and re-caulk/seal around doors and windows to keep cold air out.
  • Fall is the time to clean and winterize pipes—anything having to do with water should be looked at, including any swimming pools your properties might have.
  • Branches and leaves can cause havoc on your gutters: as leaves continue to fall, ensure gutters are clear of debris.

    Man removing snow from the sidewalk after snowstorm

There’s No Winter Break for Maintenance

Winter brings some of the harshest conditions of the year to the Richmond area. Due to the freezing temperatures, everything around the exterior of your rental properties is going to be more brittle. This may be of particular concern because of the impact of snow removal procedures. As tenants shovel, scrape, and chip away ice and snow, it’s easy for walkways to get damaged.

Additional care should be taken to educate your tenants on the dangers of ice dams, and what procedure to follow if they notice any forming.

With frozen ground, careful steps need to be taken to make sure your gardening and landscaping efforts aren’t undone by Old Man Winter if you’re between tenants. Use this opportunity to perform a seasonal inspection from top to bottom if you have any vacancies, and check on the plumbing and thermostat settings.

Keeping Organized Is Half the Battle

Taking these tips into consideration when performing maintenance across your Richmond rental properties will keep your properties profitable year-round!

If handling this level of maintenance simply sounds like too much for a growing portfolio, an expert Richmond property manager can be a crucial ally for your assets. Mission Realty Property Management has the experience and knowledge to help you prep your properties for whatever Mother Nature has in store!

A great place to start is by downloading your FREE copy of our Seasonal Maintenance Checklist! Staying consistent during inspections across your properties ensures you’re providing every tenant with service to brag about.


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