Best Appliance Maintenance and Repair Tips for Richmond, VA Landlords

Richmond landlords will experience maintenance and repair issues on everything from appliances to roofing to plumbing. You need to have solid maintenance practices in place for those appliances and other sorts of repairs. There are several different options available to property owners, and if you haven’t considered these things, you need to start planning how you’ll handle repairs.


DIY Repairs and Liability

Some landlords will do most of the repair work themselves in an effort to save money. Be aware that if you complete DIY maintenance, there can be liability involved. You are responsible for that work instead of a licensed contractor. There are some issues that may be appropriate for you to handle, but in some cases you should be delegating or hiring a contractor.

Hiring the Appropriate Contractor

Hire the appropriate contractor for the repair. In our business at Mission Realty, we use a handyman for some work but we know the limits. Some repairs need a licensed contractor who responds quickly and does the job right. That leaves less liability. It’s important that you hire correctly. Don’t use a regular contractor for an appliance. There are specific appliance repair companies that do a better job faster. Specialists are not going to be cheap, but they are going to be good, and that will keep your home and your investment protected.

Builder And Inspector Looking At New Property

Home Warranties

You can consider a home warranty. Under those plans, you need to use their contractors, who are licensed. You will need to pay a set fee in the beginning and the warranty company covers the rest. There are lists of pros and cons to home warranties, and you need to evaluate if it’s an option for you.

Preventative Maintenance

It is always better to fix a problem when it’s small. Paying attention to minor maintenance needs will prevent that problem from becoming a bigger and more expensive repair. In Richmond, not repairing rotted wood seems to be one of the largest problems. If you don’t take care of it right away, the rot will increase and go deeper down. Regular inspections can help you stay on top of maintenance, and take the time between tenants to really take a look at the property. Make note of any issues and get them fixed right away.

We can help you put together a sensible maintenance plan. If you’d like some help, please contact us at Mission Realty.

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