How to Take High-Quality, Effective Listing Photos for Your Richmond VA Rental

Everyone knows that photos help your listing, but not everyone understands how much: 94%. Listings with photos get 94% more views than those without photos. Pictures help your rental listing do a better job of capturing—and holding—the attention of a renter. Renters spend 60% of their time looking at the photos on a listing.

Using photography to rent property

Good pictures are a great way to get the beauty of a home into the eye of the beholder. So how do you make sure you can cash in on the benefits of a well-presented pic package? Here are some simple tips to help your home be the belle of the listing ball.

1. Choose a Focal Point

The human eye likes to be directed. Given five or six objects to focus on, it will try—and fail—to analyze each one sufficiently. However, if a singular point is emphasized, not only will the eye be absorbed by its details—but it will linger longer on the photo and take in the rest of the image. Therefore, be sure to choose a focal point with every picture you take. Here are some good “focal point hot spots:”

  • An impressive entrance: Your front door has a simple function—but it is easy to make it both functional and tastefully flashy. A quality door with details that complement the exterior trim and surrounding gardens can make a great statement. 
  • Dramatic countertops: Many homeowners and landlords put a lot of time and expense into their kitchen countertops. This effort can be a two-edged sword: because you know what’s in the kitchen when you review a photo of it, you see all of its beauty. For fresh eyes, the countertops may go unnoticed unless they are a focal point.
  • Expressive use of space: A roomy Richmond home makes a buyer feel like they are getting more bang for their buck as well as a more comfortable space. If you have an open concept or an impressive double-height, a shot that showcases the full length or height of the space as the focal point can help make the buyer feel the roominess of the home.


Be careful not to mislead potential tenants with your photos: while you can get creative with your angles and choice of subject, you should still try to portray your rental property as accurately as possible.

2. Utilize the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the first things a professional photographer learns. It divides the image into sections and helps the photographer control where the viewer’s eye focuses. Making use of the rule of thirds is simple! Here’s how to do it, step-by-step:

  1. Divide the image vertically and horizontally into nine sections with four equally-spaced lines: Many camera phones—as well as digital cameras—superimpose a 3×3 grid over the screen to make this easier to do. However, you can do it with your mind’s eye, as well.
  2.  Choose the area you’d like to be the focal point: You can use the tips above, and it can be anything from a significant component to decorative details.
  3. Put the focal point underneath the cross-hair at the lower right corner of the middle square: Notice this is not in the center of the image. The eye prefers to focus on something a little off-center.

You can also use the rule of thirds to divide the image into three areas: the foreground, the middle ground, and the background, giving each a roughly equal section of the photo. Dividing the picture into these three sections gives your snapshot the perfect sense of depth.

Beautiful Lighting

3. Take Advantage of Lighting

Using lighting to your advantage is easiest done when you involve natural light. The light from the sun has a gentle, yellowish hue that changes throughout the day. Try getting up early and taking some test photos in the morning as the sun is first rising. Check the natural lighting in all of the rooms at different points during the day. As you do, try to avoid pictures that have a harsh, distracting glare.

If the natural light isn’t getting the job done, play with artificial lighting to make sure what you want to stand out is adequately illuminated. If the DIY photography route isn’t for you, you can always bring in a property manager in Richmond to help you get the best shots—and do a whole lot more.

4. Hire a Property Management Company

Most experienced property management companies in Richmond have professional photographers on-hand to make a property look as beautiful as it is—or even more so—with the right lighting, staging, and proportions. Because an expert property management company has staged many rental homes in Richmond, they will know what works best for each of your shots.

Hire a property managment company

If you need professional help for your listing photos, Mission Realty Property Management has the experience and connections with professional photographers to help make sure you get flawless photos the first time! We’ve handled countless listings that have successfully drawn interested folks and helped turn them into tenants. Reach out today, so we can help you get the views—and tenants—your rental deserves!



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